The OKR Method

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The OKR Method Definiton

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The OKR Method is different to The OKR framework. The OKR framework is a goal-setting framework for individuals, teams, and organizations to define measurable goals and track their outcomes. The OKR framework itself contains very little structure, guidance or approaches for the set-up, management and change process that occurs when adopted into a business context. The generally accepted parameters of The OKR framework are:

  • Comprise an objective with 3–5 key results 
  • Objectives should be significant, concrete, and clearly defined
  • Objectives are inspirational 
  • Objectives can also be supported by initiatives (activities that help to move the key results)
  • Key results should be measurable
  • An organization’s target success rate for key results be 70%. A 70% success rate encourages competitive goal-making that is meant to stretch workers at low risk

The OKR Method expands on these ideas to create a set of steps that can be taken to implement a Strategy Management Framework for an organisation. The OKR Method can therefore be taken as an approach for adopting and implementing a Strategic Management Framework. To do this it includes:

  • A set of Principles
  • A method Architecture
  • A set of Phases, Events and Roles
  • Artefacts that support the adoption process
  • A set of roles to operate the Method

Taken together and used as designed the Method provides the process and steps to implement a Strategic Management Framework based on the concept of OKRs.