The OKR Method

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The OKR Method Guide

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Purpose of the OKR Method

“OKRs are simple in theory but challenging to implement in practice. Done well OKRs will impact your culture and the ways of working within your organisation which is never a simple undertaking. We hope that sharing our experience will help others traverse these challenging aspects of OKR adoption” Mike Horwath & Taner Kapucu – OKR Method Authors

The OKR Method is an attempt to create a lightweight approach that allows organisations to adopt and implement OKRs with speed and certainty. The Method has been designed as an ‘Overlay Framework’ to your existing operating model thereby reducing the requirements for major internal surgery and minimising the impact during its implementation. 

The OKR Method has not been designed as a recipe book for use without prior experience. It is designed to be a non-proprietary method that anyone can use, skills which are transferable, but it is recommended that OKR experts and coaches are consulted in the rollout of the Framework. This is essential for the maintenance of a lightweight framework that does not include many elements or the soft skills required to implement OKRs well.    

We also recommend that an OKR Software platform is used to obtain the most benefit from OKRs, however, we highly recommend that you work with OKR Implementation coaches externally from the Software provider to ensure all aspects of the implementation are provided with equal focus.  

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