The OKR Method

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OKR Market Place

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The OKR Marketplace is a gathering of every team member within an OKR Cycle Group where each team shares their proposed OKRs in a short presentation with a quick-fire Q&A. The purpose of the OKR Marketplace is twofold:

  1. To bring to a close the Ideation and Alignment phase and mark the beginning of the Learning and Insight phase; and
  2. To ensure all members of the OKR Cycle Group have had visibility of each other creating transparency and engagement across the Cycle Group.

Once every team has presented their OKRS the marketplace begins where teams may discuss overlaps, alignment and dependencies. Ideally, there will be little trading to be done by this stage and there will be clear alignment both vertically and horizontally already.

This approach should work for up to 20 teams. 

There are many ways that you can undertake an OKR Marketplace, this is where we would promote innovation and adaption to suit your circumstances.

The OKR Method does not dictate organisational-wide OKR communication and we recommend that you integrate OKR communication, beyond the OKR Cycle Group, into your existing communications strategy. A common approach is a Quarterly All hands where selected OKRs or teams are presented to a wider audience or integrated into a Quarterly Business Review.