The OKR Method

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Key Results Review

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The Key Results Review is an opportunity for teams to review the progress towards achieving those OKRs by looking at what changes have taken place. 

At a minimum, it is usual for key results to be updated at least every two weeks. If there are existing team-based meetings, such as Sprint Reviews, the Key Results Review can take then. Ensure that before a Key Results Review the Key Results have been updated or that the data is available to make that update during the session.

The starter agenda for a Key Results Review would be:

  • Discuss the progress of the Key Results.
  • Report on Initiatives’ progress, discussing any impediments or lessons learnt.
  • Discuss upcoming Initiatives and impediments.
  • Agree on any alignment activity required across Cycle Groups.
  • Create follow-on actions and assign action owners.

An important business benefit of this process is the continuous output of data on the achievement or not of objectives and the quick feedback loop provided by reviewing every two weeks.