The OKR Method

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End of Cycle Review (ECR)

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For each individual team, the ECR happens at the end of the OKR Cycle and must happen before a team begins its next OKR Cycle. The purpose of the ECR review is to inspect the Objectives chosen at the beginning of the cycle and to validate the hypothesis through the Key Result achievements. 

The ECR is the culmination of the work of the team over the previous cycle and as such is a wider reflection point than the Key Results Review however the approach is similar.

The starter agenda for an ECR would be:

  • Identify success and celebrate as a team
  • Discuss what supported the successful outcomes and document the learnings
  • Discuss the hypothesis there were unsuccessful and document learnings
  • Review the Initiatives and document any impediments or lessons learnt that supported both positive and negative outcomes
  • Review Initiatives that will require continuation into the next cycle
  • Agree on any alignment activity required across the Cycle Groups
  • Create follow actions and action owners.