The OKR Method

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Design, Refine and Align Sessions (DRA)

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DRA sessions are meetings held by OKR teams to facilitate the creation of OKRs. Our recommendation is that a team should allow for a minimum of 4 x 2-hour sessions during this phase. This approach allows a break between the ideation of OKRs, as new ideas create new thinking this sometimes takes time to percolate, and we also need opportunities to discuss learnings both horizontally and vertically.

There are no hard and fast rules about who or how a team aligns Vertical and Horizontally but a good rule of thumb is, that where you identify crossovers, a representative of the team should connect with the dependent teams and arrange to discuss the OKRs. We suggest that those sessions are limited in attendance so that not all team members are taking part in the alignment phase.

OKR Teams must complete the DRA process in time for the OKR Marketplace.

Example Design, Refine & Align Calendar: Courtesy of 1ovmany