The OKR Method

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OKR Method Phases

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The OKR Cycle takes place over a set of phases. Each phase contains a set of Events. The pattern is:

  1. Ideation & Alignment: The process of creating a strategy which includes:
    1. Design, Refine and Align (DRA)
    2. OKR Market Place
  2. Learning & Insights: The chance to learn and connect with business and customer impact
    1. Key Results Review
  3. Reflection and Action: Inspecting the business value generated and using the learning to create action and business impact.
    1. End of Cycle review (ECR)
    2. End of Cycle presentation

Each phase’s events can be supplemented by the operational events and activities that exist within your existing operating model. It is recommended that each OKR team considers the events and activities it currently undertakes and creates an integration to the OKR Method. 

Integrations will result in either amendment or removal of existing events, this is a learning process so expect to learn and adapt as you go.