The OKR Method

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OKR Tiers

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OKRs are not created in isolation, they are created across an organisation which may require a strategic direction from a group higher within the organisational structure. For example, a functional group may be required to share their OKRs before the teams can create their OKRs. A Tier is simply a way of defining a cadence for when one set of OKRs can be used by other teams. 

This is how it works. Within an OKR Cycle, Tier one executes its Ideation phase first. The second tier can then use the OKRs from Tier one to help them align during their Ideation phase, this is how we can create Vertical alignment. 

Our recommendation is that OKR Cycle Tiers contain no more than two tiers given the time span required to create the final set of OKRs. A Cycle Group Ideation and Agreement phase should take no longer than 4weeks.