The OKR Method

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OKR Cycle Groups

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Cycle Group exists to help organise teams into the OKR Phases and to establish the OKR cadences across an organisation. OKR Cycle Groups are groupings of teams that are aligned to either a functional or strategic directive and benefit from coordinated planning. For example the Company OKRs and the Functional leadership teams or set of teams in a Product Department. 

Correctly identifying OKR Cycle Groups will enhance the OKR Events so those teams within the Cycle Groups create a high level of alignment across the OKR planning cadence. In order to set up OKR Cycle Groups you need to consider:

  1. Planning horizon requirement. OKR Cycle Groups must operate to the same strategic planning horizon or planning rules. A yearly OKR team can not coexist with a quarterly OKR team.
  2. Strategic Alignment: There must be a high level of strategic alignment to create cohesion within the Cycle Group.