The OKR Method

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OKR Organisational Map

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Traditional Organisational charts may not always represent the strategic alignment of an organisation. Virtual constructs, such as Strategic or investment themes, cross-functional teams as found in Product/Portfolio constructs and Organisational designs based on frameworks such as SAFe, Scrum or similar will require an OKR overlay that works to influence and co-exist with the existing organisational approach.

This aspect of the OKR Method adoption is where OKR implementation experts are best placed to support you in that process. There are too many variables and nuances to each organisation to create a simple or standardised approach. Whether you are supported by an Implementation expert or not the OKR Method should have a representation of the organisation viewed by:

  • OKR Cycle Groups
  • OKR Cycle tiers
  • OKR Teams

That output is called the ‘OKR Organisational Map’.