The OKR Method

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OKR Organisational Charter

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Every adoption of The OKR Method has an OKR Organisational Charter which is created at the beginning of the implementation. This is a versioned document that outlines the justification for the adoption and its intended function and impact. The Organisational Charter will include:

  • Purpose of OKRs in your domain
  • OKR principles in your domain
  • Your OKR Organisational Map
  • Your OKR Architecture
  • OKR integrations to the wider organisation
  • OKR Cycles & Cycle tiers
  • Your OKR events
  • Roles in your OKR Method
  • An OKR Artefact hub
  • I’m new to the company. Where do I go for help?

Example OKR Organisational Charter can be downloaded here: Example Charter